Mrs. Michelle Petty

Welcome to 5th Grade!

Mrs. Michelle Petty

My goal is to teach and reinforce respect and responsibility.

"The wonder of teaching is watching caterpillars become butterflies."

**Homework for March 28, 2017:

Lang. Arts:  2 lines; RR Journals were collected; Graphics Packets
Math:  pg. 787 (all)
Conference Forms due ASAP (by March 30th)
*Continue to bring in needed supplies, especially dry erase markers!

Mrs. Petty's Supply List 2016-2017

***Please write your name on ALL of your supplies

1 large box of tissues, which will be shared with class throughout the year

1 container of Clorox wipes

1 Black Sharpie Pen (for labeling supplies)

1 large soft zip-up pencil case (no hard-sided cases)

Pencils (many): no lead or mechanical pencils

2 large block erasers

*1 pack of red pens

*1 pack of blue/black pens

*2 packs black (only) whiteboard markers (make sure you have enough, we use these all through the year)

2 Yellow highlighters

1 whiteboard eraser

Crayons (16 pack)


5 single subject copybooks (marble composition books hold up best)

Pencil sharpener (small)

9 folders (each folder should have 2 bottom pockets –plastic coated preferred)

1 inch binder  OPTIONAL  (please no large binders)

1 USB flash drive

*Starred items include larger quantities so that they can last throughout the school year.  Students should have 2-3 of each item in their desks.  Extras should be kept at home and used to replenish school supplies as needed throughout the year.